Business growth, inclusion and 

socio-economic development

Our mission is to guarantee clean and sustainable energy through storage systems to all regions of Brazil and countries in South America, including the most remote and isolated areas of electrical networks. Doing this, we aim to contribute to the promotion of employment, education, health and safety for everyone who seeks business growth, inclusion and socio-economic development in harmony with the preservation of the environment.

By providing clean and sustainable energy, we contribute to the creation of a fairer and more inclusive society with better forward-looking economic, social and environmental perspectives for everyone.

We only work with the cleanest, safest and most long-lasting technologies in the world, which use abundant, recyclable raw materials that require little or no maintenance and are protected against the dangers of pollutants, fire or explosion.

We provide a critical resource for the stabilization and growth of businesses and communities, even those supplied by renewable energy sources, which makes us a determining factor in the transformation of energy distribution systems, and a potential booster of the Brazilian and South American economies and social development.

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