Energy Storage Vessel™

Technology developed by NASA

Vedanta Energy Storage Systems has the industry's most durable, secure and versatile battery system for grid-scale, commercial or industrial energy storage applications.

The technology was developed by NASA more than 30 years ago, underwent improvements at Stanford University and became a business at EnerVenue. Cylinders called Energy Storage Vessels™ feature an exceptionally long life, eliminating the need to scale up or oversize battery systems.

Our Energy Storage Vessels™ can be easily mounted on shelves/racks, containers or stacked in custom warehouses. Equipped with exclusive chemistry, they do not require preventive fire suppression and can operate reliably in a wide range of ambient temperatures (-20ºC to +50ºC) without additional thermal conditioning (HVAC).

Our energy storage solution dramatically reduces operating costs and has a much lower cost per cycle compared to other available technologies.

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