Isolated Microgrids

Benefits of our energy

storage systems:

✅  Energy availability increase when integrated with renewable energy sources (up to 24 hours a day)

✅  Efficiency boost of generator sets

✅  Generators and/or generators operating hours reduction

✅  Reliability increase of electrical services

BESS + Renewables =

Autonomy and Energy Availability 24 hours a day

Reduction in diesel consumption and generator operating time

Electric energy is a fundamental element for stability and growth of commercial and industrial companies as well as isolated communities where transmission grids do not exist or are inefficient.

Vedanta energy storage systems reduce fuel consumption by operating generators at maximum efficiency, for example. Furthermore, the generator's operating time can be reduced, thus increasing the maintenance interval and financial returns to operations. In addition, our solutions reduce risks associated with fuel logistics, noise, and environmental impact. 

By the way, our systems are the ideal solution for all uses of isolated microgrids as they have the flexibility to offer short and long-term services. We have technology perfectly suited not only for fast needs due to our AC time response (less than a second) but also for long-term use cases, offering up to 12 hours of energy storage capacity without degradation over the lifespan.

Finally, our batteries can be assembled locally or transported in a dry state (only requiring the addition of water at destination), without risk of environmental contamination or fire. Therefore, they are ecologically safe for transport, handling, and operation in isolated and risky areas under very either low or high temperature without thermal conditioning.

Vedanta energy storage systems provide low cost with safe, non-toxic, anti-flammable, ecological and recyclable chemicals!