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They are integrated with renewable energy systems (wind, solar, hydroelectric), whose generation is intermittent and does not include predictable and controlled storage, and result in hybrid systems capable of taking advantage of the excess of energy produced to be used in times of greater demand or higher costs.

✅  They promote the stabilization of networks as well as overcome the restrictions of transmission and distribution systems.

  They are integrated with local generating sources to provide autonomous consumption and off-grid remote distribution.

  They are developed in the USA, reliable, safe, friendly to the environment, ASSEMBLED and GUARANTEED IN BRAZIL.

If you intend to meet the highest levels of ESG requirements, Vedanta is the greenest of the   BESS companies!

✅  They have a modular pattern of up to 20 MWh of energy reserve for customers connected to the grid or isolated.

✅  They include grid-forming inverters with “synthetic inertia” to provide frequency and voltage stability in islanding modes.

✅  They are controlled by intelligent digital systems that guarantee the efficient use of different installed energy assets.

✅  They can be combined with diesel generator sets if “backup of the backup” is necessary due to less frequent peaks in demand.

✅  They are designed to meet the needs of customers, regardless of size.

✅  They work under temperatures between -20ºC and +50ºC without special thermal conditioning.

If you lead a project, even if it exceeds 20 MWh, contact us.

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