Distributed Generation, Commercial & Industrial

Energy Storage

Use Cases:

✅  Renewable energy time toggle

✅  Peak fare arbitration

✅  Load demand management (behind the meter)

✅  Backup power for critical loads (behind the meter)

✅  Public auxiliary energy supply services

Reduced energy costs for commercial and industrial customers

Vedanta systems combined with photovoltaic (PV) solar energy installations increase investor returns, while reducing customer energy costs by enabling the reallocation and dispatch of cheaper energy during peak hours, unavailability, or low performance of the generating system.

When installed behind the meter, Vedanta technologies provide additional load demand management services as well as critical-mission reserve. By adopting our energy storage systems, customers can reduce or simply eliminate the use of generators, creating more value for themselves and the environment.

Vedanta systems offer up to 12 hours of energy duration for peak and nighttime, without performance reduction or significant loss of capacity over more than 20,000 guaranteed cycles, equivalent to the useful life of photovoltaic plants.

These factors, and the ability to operate under temperatures of up to 50ºC without refrigeration as well as low operation and maintenance costs, define our intrinsically safe, non-toxic and anti-flammable chemistries as the best cost-benefit among all energy storage technologies available in the market.