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Vedanta Energy Storage Systems was founded in November of 2017 by Richard Phillips in São Paulo/SP, Brazil. A few months later, precisely in March 2018, Marcio Moran, the founder and CEO of OTB Consulting and OTB Partners, joined Richard as a shareholder and executive board member at Vedanta to develop the business and seek energy storage clients for redox iron flow batteries in Brasil and Mercosur, because of an exclusivity contract signed between Vedanta and ESS, Inc., based in Portland/OR, USA. 

Since then, Vedanta has evolved and met with many prospective clients, from Isolated Grid Operators to Regulated Grid Operators as well as Industrialists and Engineering Procurement Contractors to assess the fit of its technologies within the unique requirements of the Brazilian Energy Matrix. As a result, Vedanta has provided several important players in the Brazilian and South American energy industry with technical specifications and training about energy storage. Vedanta also supported the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to sign a grant agreement with a Brazilian solar photovoltaic company for a feasibility study on a Solar Photovoltaic and Battery Storage Pilot Project.

During this journey, executives of Vedanta attended and spoke in many conferences, as Solar Power International, Reverse Trade Mission (sponsored by Apex/Ministry of Mines & Energy and the US Commercial Service), Energy & Innovations, Utility of the Future, CPFL Energy Storage Workshop, Energy Storage Seminar (organized and promoted by University of São Paulo), Brazil ESG Summit 2023, and numerous other events throughout Brazil.

In 2023, the company has achieved two important strategic goals: (i) its first relevant fund raising through a local family office, and (ii) a 525 MWh MSA of nickel-hydrogen batteries with EnerVenue, Inc., based in Fremont/CA, USA. Both accomplishments will be the foundations of Vedanta's growth from 2024.

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